Our Products

  • Self-Lubricated Bearings

    Self-Lubricated Bearings

    Self-lubricating bushings offer very good wear and low friction performance over a wide range of loads, speeds and high temperatures applications.

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  • Valve Gear Boxes

     Valve Gear Boxes

    Gear operators are available in bevel gears and helical bevel gears to wormgears specially designed to operate valves that turn through 90 degree.

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  • Graphite Seals & Packaging Rings

    Graphite Seals & Packaging Rings

    Die-formed expanded graphite rings are widely used as gland packings in modern process valves exhaust systems for higher temperature applications.

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  • Coating & Thermal Spray

    Coating & Thermal Spray

    AWWA extends its wealth of expertise to lead polymer coatings into the field of tribology to fully embrace the performance benefits that this technology has to offer.

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At Awwa technologies we strive to achieve tribological excellence by channelling our expertise on Technology and innovation to build sustainable products and factories to endorse a circular economy.


To be a people focused company at the helm of which are our employees driving total customer satisfaction in all aspects of quality, delivery and service aiming for grassroots globalization.

About AWWA Technologies

AWWA Technologies established in the year 1992 is an ISO 9001:2015 approved company that specializes in the production of self-lubricated Bearings used for rotary or translatory movement between mechanical parts. We are the leading manufactures and exporters of self Lubricated Bushes since two decades. We also manufacture, Carbon steel, Stainless Steels, Bi-metal, High temperature bushes like satellite, UNS 32750, 32760, 31803 and Inconel 625 & 825. At AWWA Technologies we also specialize in manufacturing Valve gearbox, seals & packing rings while also broadindening our array of experience in tribology into thermal spray solutions.

AWWA self-Lubricated bearings are Industry quality leaders catering to the Valve industry, Automotive Industry, Plastic machinery, Construction and Agriculture machinery, Hydraulic machinery and General industrial machinery.

Customer satisfaction is at the centre of our focus, we endorse Just in time delivery system with an integrated supply chain management to work closely with our customers and provide the best service. Partner with us early in your design stage and avail the AWWA advantage.

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