A bearing—either a sliding bearing or a rolling contact bearing—is a mechanical component that minimizes frictional resistance while enabling relative motion between two rotating parts. Shaft and its housing are an example of such rotating components. Awwa technologies manufactures best sliding Bearings.
  • purpose of the bearing
  • Best sliding bearing
  • sliding contact bearing applications
  • Types of sliding bearing at Awwa technolgies
  • purpose of the bearing

    The following tasks are anticipated of a good bearing.

    • It ought to guarantee frictionless, unfettered rotation.
    • It should hold up rotating components and keep them in the proper place.
    • The machine's frame should receive the forces applied on its spinning parts through bearings.
  • Best sliding bearing
    Sleeve bearings, journal bearings, and plain bearings are other names for sliding contact bearings. In this form of bearing, the shaft's surface moves over the bush's surface, causing wear and friction. A lubricating oil coating separates rotating surfaces to lessen friction. The bush is constructed from a unique material like white metal or bronze.
    sliding contact bearing applications

    Rope conveyors, concrete mixtures, and marine installations

    • Gas and steam turbines
    • electric motors of a large size
    • axial-flow pumps
    • Engine crankshaft bearings for gasoline and diesel
  • Types of sliding bearing at Awwa technolgies
    • Plastic bearings
    • Oil impregnated bearings
    • Plain spherical bearings
  • Plastic bearings
    With their smaller weight, lower cost, and greater versatility when compared to metal, sliding bearings made of resin material are suitable for slick surfaces or shafts. They feature a lower slip friction coefficient, produce less vibration and noise, and are lightweight. They are also resistant to chemicals and water, have great plastic workability, and electrical insulation when heated.
    Oil impregnated bearings
    Bearings with a sintered, oil-impregnated, porous body that is primarily made of metal powder.As a result of oil being impregnated into the bearing's pores, the bearing operates with effective lubrication.
    Plain spherical bearings
    spherical sliding surfaces on self-aligning bearings that can carry radial or axial loads in either direction. Used extensively in industrial and construction machines, ideal for vibrating or aligning movement
    What are the purposes of sliding?
    The terms linear bearings, guide bearings, and linear slide bearings may also be used to describe slide bearings. They could be used for precision tooling and construction (expansion supports for bridges, for example).
    Which company provides the best sliding bearing?
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