AWWA Values

AWWA Values

InnovationInnovation: We imbibe a culture of innovation in all aspects of our operations. As an advanced technical leader, we are committed to fostering the innovation that is at the heart of any successful business. With a proven innovative track record and tribological expertise, our industry-leading R&D and testing capabilities continue to generate technologically superior products, systems and tools to keep us at the leading edge of high performance bearing technology. To be a Thought Leader in the industry, new ideas must be actively developed by listening to customers and identifying needs and opportunities. Understanding the basic science of our products and the environment in which our customers use them is fundamental to our efforts. We employ a multidisciplinary approach in the development process involving manufacturing, engineering, quality assurance, health and safety, and marketing.

CustomerCustomer: Known for its unmatched quality made available at affordable prices, AWWA Technologies has made the life of all its customers easy and convenient. AWWA has added value to customers lives through superior product line, great teamwork and innovative manufacturing techniques.

ExcellenceExcellence: At AWWA, our team always aim for excellence each and every day, whether it be in customer service or product manufacturing. Our manufacturing unit is certified in quality and excellence in the industry according to global standards.


Team: AWWA technologies is built on the strong foundation of fostering leadership among our employees. A strong and capable workforce drives industry leaders in world class manufacturing. The core values in building leadership includes.

Value-based leadership
A sense of identity
A coherent meaning of everyone involved
Results-oriented and flexible procedures
A fair game within and outside the company
Equal treatment of all employees
A sense of purpose and direction to all parties involved
Win-win strategies towards all levels of operation
Synergies at all levels

Corporate and social responsibilities
Personal accountability
Ownership of your job
Smooth and based on rules succession at all levels
Systematic grooming of new talents to prepared them for their future responsibilities
Personal and business growth
Empowerment of the personnel and training in every level of their work
Working in flexible and "open" teams, and
Innovative strategies and tactics