Teflon Coating, commonly known as Paint Protection Coating or PPC, is essentially a treatment that Awwa Technologies suggests in order to prolong the life of the paint. In essence, these coatings provide the paint a protective layer and increase its gloss and sheen. Teflon is a synthetic fluoropolymer in chemical form that is non-sticky by nature and minimises friction when it is used. Additionally, it improves the paint's resistance to corrosion and abrasion under high temperatures.
  • Benefits of Teflon coating bushes
  • Best price in India
  • Teflon Coating Process
  • Benefits of Teflon coating bushes
    Benefits of Teflon coating bushes provided by Awwa technologies are -
    • Coating the automobile body with Teflon provides a number of benefits, including the following:
    • The paint on your automobile will have a very nice sheen once the Teflon coating application process is over, which is the Teflon coating's most obvious benefit.
    • Teflon coating also functions as a paint protection film by generating a layer over the car's paint that resists minor scratches, but only if the coating is applied properly; otherwise, even little scratches in the paint will disappear. Although the majority of modern automobiles have high gloss paint finishes, adding a layer of Teflon could help the car maintain its perfect appearance for longer.
    • Finally, if Teflon is used consistently over a few months, it can even lengthen the lifespan of paint.

  • Best price in India
    As we've been saying, acquiring a Teflon coating may provide you with several advantages without having to put a significant financial strain on you. Awwa Technologies provides Teflon coating of best price in India For as little as amount, you can obtain a nice Teflon coating for your automobile, that will not only give it a high sheen and gloss look but also shield the paint from small dings and rust. In a similar vein, spending money on the under covering will help you shield your car's undercarriage against rust.
  • Teflon Coating Process
    • The steps of putting Teflon on a car's exterior are as follows:
    • The entire car surface is thoroughly cleaned and washed to remove any dust
    • The entire car surface is thoroughly cleaned and washed to remove any dust particles.
    • The auto body is thoroughly cleaned and dried.
    • A lubricated Teflon coating is placed to the whole automobile body..


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Which company provides best Teflon coating in India?
Awwa Technologyprovides best Teflon coating in India.
Which company provides Teflon coating of best price in India?
Awwa Technologyprovides Teflon coating of best price in India.