In comparison to other manufacturers, Awwa Technologies' bimetal bearings are of the greatest calibre and quality. It substantially meets all quality criteria. As compared to others Bimetal bearings at best price in Bangalore only available at Awwa technology -book now
  • Introduction of Bimetal Bearing
  • exceptionally high load capacity of bimetal bearings
  • extremely high thermal conductivity
  • Applications
  • Introduction of Bimetal Bearing
    The bi-metal bearing is made up of just two layers: a steel backing and an inlay made of an alloy of aluminum or Bronze. Bi-metal bearings are typically constructed using a mix of the following bearing materials: lead, copper, silicon, tin, and aluminum. Aluminum-silicon is a term that has been used to characterize the bearing material.
    Bi-metallic composite bearing is made of steel backed with low friction and excellent wear resistance bonze powder as bearing layer, the designed oil pockets, grooves and holes are suitable for lubricated application to improve the PV value. The bearing alloy layers include lead bronze, lead-free bronze and lead-free with solid lubricant for high performance
    • Sinter bronze powder: good wear resistance and excellent load carrying capacity.
    • Steel backing: provides exceptionally high load carrying capacity, excellent heat dissipation.
    • Copper plating thickness 0.002mm provides good corrosion resistance.
  • exceptionally high load capacity of bimetal bearings
    Awwa bearings can sustain high load capacity because it's steel shell backed with a lead bronze lining bearing material for oil lubricated applications sustain High load capacity and has good fatigue properties. For heavy loads and shock loading conditions, bimetal bearings have anti-corrosion capabilities and are easy to install, making them ideal for emergency replacements.
  • extremely high thermal conductivity
    The material used in bimetal at AWWA Technology has a high thermal conductivity, which results in the best efficiency and longest working life, making it very cost-effective and available at the most reasonable price
  • Applications
    • Teflon Coated bush details
    • Teflon Coated bush details
    • Agricultural Equipment
    • Automotive
    • Exhaust After-treatments
    • Heavy-Duty Engines
    • Heavy-duty Trucks
    • Hydraulic Cylinders
    • Industrial & Domestic Ovens
    • Lifting Applications
    • Mechanical Handling
    • Medical Equipment
    • Natural Gas/Petrochemical Valves
    • Pneumatic Equipment
    • Textile Machinery


Which company manufactures best bimetal bearing in India?
Awwa technologies manufacture bimetal bearings and is located in Bangalore India.
Who is the largest bimetal bearing bush manufacturer and supplier?
Awwa technologies are the largest manufacturer and suppliers of bimetal bearing bush.
Where can I find product details of AWWA technologies manufactured bushes?
Awwa technology product can be found here: