When the bearing must function without lubrication or with only a minimal amount of lubricant, self-lubricating bushings are employed. Awwa Technologies' main goal is to make sure that the bearing performs optimally and lasts the longest possible under varied circumstances. If you’re searches for ‘ best usage of self lubricating bearings’ , then without doubt Awwa technologies is the right option for you. The way self-lubricating bearings operate is that a little quantity of material from the bearings layer is transferred to the bearing during its initial run-in phase, resulting in the formation of a solid lubricating film. This coating comes into close touch with the moving parts, lubricating and shielding the mating portions while increasing the bearing's useful life.
  • Best usage of self lubricating bearings
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  • Applications of self-lubricated bearing
  • Best usage of self lubricating bearings
    Lubricant is infused inside the sliding layer of self-lubricating bearings, which is how they function. Depending on the needs of the application, this lubricant may be fluid (oil) or solid (graphite, MoS2, or lead) (such as operating temperature). The lubricant lubricates the bearing surface when the bearing rotates because it is released through holes in the sliding layer. Low friction bearings continue to function properly even when the sliding layer begins to wear since the lubrication is uniformly dispersed throughout it. In order to offer low friction bearings effectiveness at startup before the soaked lubricant reach the bearing surface, a "running-in" surface is also typically incorporated at the bottom of the implements. Best usage of self lubricating bearings are offered by Awwa technologies.

  • Awwa technologies
    Self-lubricating bearings , also known as sleeves bearings, bushing, journal bearings, sliding bushings, friction bearings, etc., are a type of machine component Which are offered by AWWA TECHNOLOGIES. Long before functional spherical and rollers were created, they were in use. The topic of slide bearings as it relates to civil engineering is not covered here.
    Leading manufacturer of self-lubricating bearings in India is Awwa Technologies For more than 20 years, we have also been a top producer and supplier of self-lubricating bushings.
  • Applications of self-lubricated bearing
    • Automotive and mechanical equipment, such as starter motors, fans, fuel pumps, shock absorbers, wipers, and steering gearboxes.
    • Gearboxes and electric motors
    • Examples of household appliances include vacuum cleaners, lawnmowers, washing machines, food processors, air conditioners, coffee machines, and similar devices.
    • Industrial machines for assembly and carpentry.


Awwa Technology offers self-lubricating bearings based on your requirements. Awwa Technology offers its applications together with any form of simple bearing. Awwa technology provides all types of self lubricating bearings at the most affordable prices.


Which company provides best self lubricating bearings?
Awwa Technology provides best self lubricating bearings.
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Awwa Technology provides self lubricating bearings in affordable prices.